Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meet My Family

I talk a lot about my family in Florida. Would you like to meet them?
This is me and my 'little' brother Patrick.

This is Grandma Phyllis. Great-Grandma to my girls.

And this is her baby, Shannon.

This is Aunt Jerri.

She has so many pets that I am sure I missed a few but let's give it a go.
Here is Hermie. He likes chicken!

This is Coby.

This is Alazae. She is a crazy girl.

I'm not talking about the one peeing on the wall. That is a boy, can't you tell. :)

Here is Alazae again having a birthday treat with her big brother.

I told you I missed some because there are 4 dog bowls in the feeding line. Cali loved getting all their food together.

This is one of the many fish Aunt Jerri has. Cali calls this guy Nemo. Surprised aren't you?

This is Aunt Karen. She just had a birthday but she doesn't want to talk about it. Ha!

This is Aunt Renee'.

And her 'big' baby named Red. Here he is coming...

...and going.
And now that you have met everyone I have pictures of, I'll go too!

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