Saturday, July 18, 2009

Remember when laundry was fun...I do.

I remember a time long ago, when I enjoyed ironing. Can you believe that? My mom would set the ironing board up very low and give me handkerchiefs to iron on very low heat.
These days I would much prefer to take the few things I have that require ironing to the cleaners. Still, I think in the eyes of a little girl, simple household chores can be fun.
A lot of fun!

Cori and Cassi headed out last night to a all-night sleepover. That left Cali and I to find something super fun to do here at home.

Since we are enjoying our many scarves lately we decided a good wash might be just the thing we needed to fill our time.
*First a good scrub*Then wring and shake out the excess water
*Get your clothespin
*And hang to dry
*Stand back and admire your hard work blowing in the breeze
Can't you just imagine yourself so many years ago enjoying the same thing?

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