Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Florida- Happy Greetings from the Grandarents

Once I found out I'd be heading to Florida for Jana's funeral there were overwhelming details to be worked out. I am quite terrified of flying to begin with and with so many things to organize I felt a little overwhelmed at times prior to leaving.

Being that Scott and I both have such wonderful families, everything seemed to go so smoothly. I had to fly into Orlando which could have been a trial for me. Navigating Tampa, where I actually once lived for quite some time, was challenging enough, finding my way out of the Orlando airport then routing to Tampa would have sent me into a possible nervous breakdown. :)

Not having been there in many years, I was really surprised at how concrete it all looked. It was rather depressing to me. It could have been that I was tired but as I rode down that highway, I really just wanted to see some Alaska greenery and wildlife!

Max and Karen (Gran-Gran and Grandma Karen)picked us up, took us to breakfast and promptly delivered me to Kelly. What a blessing knowing I didn't have to stress over those things.

Once I'd been delivered, they decided to take Cali to their home about 30 minutes from Tampa.

They live on a golf course which was heaven to Cali ears. All she wanted to do in Florida was swim and play putt-putt. They didn't actually go to a putt-putt but the took her out on the green and let her putt.

I think she found it challenging but according to Cali, it was cool. What she did LOVE was driving the golf cart. :)

She also loved their pool.

Grandma spoiled her with a new swimsuit and twirled her around the pool with a pool noodle which she told Kelly and I all about that night after they brought her home.

Kelly and I spent the day preparing for the funeral that would happen the next day and just being together which was nice. In the end it enabled our strength to come forward the next day for which I will be ever so grateful.

We are hopeful that Grandma and Gran-Gran will decide they need another Cali-fix and head to Alaska soon. We even have some putt-putt of our own. I hear the Kenai Golf Course is a tough one but certainly Gran-Gran is up for the challenge! (hint-hint)

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