Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Day with Kelly

I took so many photos in Florida. I usually do, wherever I go. I wanted to be able to share with my older girls the beauty of being there in the simplest of terms. I wasn't there for the touristy things I might usually head that way for. I was there just to BE; for my friend. And BE is what we did.

Kelly has a koi pond on her back porch. We have one as well however we don't have fish in ours because we don't have a garage and that is where they would need to reside during the winter in order to survive it.

I had a lot of fun trying to photograph the goldfish. And Cali so enjoyed feeding them each day.

Sugie is Kelly's baby. She is a shih tzu and I can't believe I didn't get her picture. She is very spoiled and has lots of toys. Cali's energy was a bit torturous for the poor dog. Here she confiscated all Sugie's toys and lined them up all over her own Dora blanket.
I'd forgotten how beautiful the flowers can be.

Kelly has many floral bushes and plants around her house. I'm jealous of her green thumb. I don't have one.

Life was busy while we were there and once we got through Sunday, we set to getting things done. Being busy gave us less time to reflect on things that were sad. I took pleasure in the smiles. As it should be I suppose.

In addition to tropical flowers and such, Florida has LOTS of slimy creatures roaming the land. Cali spotted a lizard on the screen of the porch early one afternoon. I am NOT a fan, however I did see it as another opportunity to get a picture that Cali could share with the girls. There was the problem of walking out the door and jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean because it felt like a million of the little buggers were crawling on top of my flip-flopped (not covered) feet.

One day while searching for a place to take a group photo I saw this mommy grasshopper toting her little baby.
I thought it was so wonderful that I stopped to take about a bazillion pictures then ran inside to tell Kelly what I'd seen.
She rolled her eyes at me like I was an idiot, of which I evidently am when it comes to insects and things of a personal nature with them, if you get my drift.

So, from then on I looked for only single grasshoppers who weren't doing nasty things since I still found them pretty to photograph. (Just disgusting to be near!)

Kelly didn't find them quite so disgusting to associate with and went about freakin' me out, for grins and giggles!

She also finds these tiny little frogs especially cute. Cali and I were certain they were going to jump on us each night we walked out the door.

I know our humor makes little sense to anyone else but that is the beauty of a true friendship, no body else has to get it. It's enough to know you've got each other.

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Lisa said...

LOL about the grasshoppers! I'm still laughing!

Lisa ;)