Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I (or Cali rather) entered the giveaway over at Whosies that was led by Sew, Momma, Sew as part of the May Giveaway Day and she won! I never win things and I was so excited to surprise Cali with her little Smappy today.

Cori and I decided that a great summer project for Cali will be to document all the lovely places Cali can visit with Smappy. Since we spend a lot of time traveling for soccer throughout the state of Alaska, Cali will have the opportunity to take Smappy to some really cool places. I am hoping this will add a special element to our travels that is all her own.

To begin Cali and Smappy's story, Cali decided to show her around and tell her a few getting-to-know-you things about herself. I think its the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Thanks so much Becky. We are really going to enjoy her.

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