Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting Out of Town

The travel destination- Exit Glacier.

The girls and I have been many times in the past. I can remember taking them when Cori was just a tiny tot and Amber and AJ we pretty young too.

The glacier has changed so much over the years. I wish I had time to dig out some of the photos I undoubtedly took way back then to show you the differences.

Either way, the hike is still lovely and they have made some wonderfully nice paths to follow to get right up to the glacier, looking down on it.

If the conditions are right, sometimes you can even get right up to the toe of the glacier and touch it, at the bottom. Yesterday there was enough water flowing, making little rivers that were a bit too big to cross. We did not get to touch it but all of the kids did make it to the top of the path, even the little ones.

There was quite a slew of us that made the trip.

I think there were 13 kids and 7 adults. We had a great time, with a few highlights.

*Jessica and Corvin heard a bear grumbling in the bushes; we had heard he was around. When the came off of the trail into the open quarry Jessica heard some woofing and and coughing noises. Further down the path, back to the cars we saw a ranger and asked him about it. He was pretty sure it was the bear.

*The were many opportunities to rock-climb which all of the kids partook in, even the tiny tots. So very fun to watch them spreading their wings and being a bit more courageous.

*All of the kids became honorary Wildlife Rangers. And they had to work for it. :)

*The big girls convinced us to check out resurrection river trail to view the Extra-Large trees, not so common around our parts. It turned out to be a beautiful trail which we have all agreed will take a day all it's own to explore. We read there are cabins back in there somewhere and we are intent to find them!

*The trees in Resurrection River Trail would be great places to make some fairy houses which I have been dying to try with my girls. Misty's girls seemed really interested too. Can't wait for that!

After hiking we headed into Seward to stop by the new playground. It is so big and there are so many fun things to do there. They are working hard to get one installed here locally and I really hope they do. It's wonderful.
We had a quick lunch at a roadside burger bus. It was really yummy although we were all starving! We headed home after getting our food and the girls seemed quite content.
We are discussing where to go next. I think it was so much fun we are anxious to head out again. We will keep you posted as always and hopefully it is real soon.

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