Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now this is CRAZY!

Tonight I told my friend Holly that I had made dandelion honey and she mentioned that her dad used to make dandelion wine. She thought I should try it. Never having made wine before I decided to look it up. Hmm, still thinking about it however in my research I found a recipe for Fried Dandelions. No kidding.

I found it while I happened to be talking to my Dad. I looked to my side and saw a small bowl full of dandelions that I didn't use in this afternoons honey pot. I told Dad I was going for it and while we were laughing I was starting the oil.

After tasting a few myself and deciding they tasted like a fried green veggie I put them to the Holmes girls taste test. I cut two small ones in half and walked out to the living room. I put one on the end of the fork and told Cassi to try it. I told her it was new vegetable that tasted sort of like spinach. I wasn't thinking clearly when I said it because Cassi hates spinach. Still she tried it. (I have them trained well. :) She didn't like it but I am sure it was because of the spinach remark.

Cori loved them. She said they needed more garlic. I went back out to the kitchen and while still talking to my Dad I asked her if I should make more. And if so, could she please go pick more.
She came running out to the kitchen and said "pick what?" I told her they were dandelions at which she balked "EWWW" while she was reaching for another one! After eating that, she said "Kind of EWWW but they are SO good!"

Not joking here. She stood next to me and ate at least a handful more.

I am pretty certain my Dad thought for a while that we were pulling his leg but I assure you, they are good. Be brave, try it. And if you are doubtful of the whether or not they are good for you, search just a little on the 'net'. You will find lots of good reasons to give it a go!

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