Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Solstice Fun

*Be sure to click on some of the pictures if you have time. These are good quality and they look so much better if you enlarge them to see some of the details. Especially the last one. :)

What a fabulous day!

We have new 'rule' 'round these parts. When it is someones birthday or special day, the celebrated person gets to call all the shots and they get to do decide the day's happenings. (Within reason, of course)

On Mother's day, Scott and the kids worked on the garden with me and did things around the house for me. So of course, with Father's day upon us it was Scott's day to choose the events of the day.

First, there were presents for Daddy from the girls. They worked very hard on these.
*A note pad for his truck with their beautiful mugs on it.
*They each painted a portion of this and it is now secured in a shadow box to hang on the wall.

Then we headed to the soccer fields. Scott wanted to play with the girls and work on placing some crosses in the net. Scott's friend Jack showed up to play a little. I got some great pictures of them that I will load up on snapfish. If you want to see the whole group, let me know and I will send you the link.
Here are some I really loved.
*Dad helping Cor stretch; Cassi has this down fairly well thanks to cheer!
*Look at that awesome form. Dad's still got it.
*The girl won't give him any slack.
*The girls were in awe of Dad getting this ball unstuck.
*Cassi had fun trying first; with a little help of course.

*She's got skills!
*So does she...just NOT soccer skills.
While Scott and the kids were playing Cali pulled me over to a dirt pile she found. She was climbing, then sliding down thoroughly enjoying herself. I gave it a try while she took pictures of me for a change. She really loved that!

After soccer. Scott headed over to play 18 holes of golf. He usually plays only 9 so this was a special treat. Grandpa and AJ played also and I hear it was a great time. While they were all golfing the big girls went to see the local theater camp's production of 'Contest at Cowlick' and Cali and I made dessert for the get-together we would have later at Grandpa's house.

The BBQ at Grandpa's didn't start until 6:30 but that was all right considering it was also summer solstice. I'm not sure the sun ever did go down last night. I tried to get pictures on the way home at 11:00 but it was raining. Our friends (actually more like family) the Norwood's came over also. It is harder to get together now, life just gets busier doesn't it, so it was really nice to have the 4 of them there with us. Some things just seem right.

We ate lots of food, horsed around a lot and ended the night making s'mores. I took a lot of pictures at Grandpa's too. Here are some more of my favorites.
*Grandpa is at home here. LOVE this photo!
*3 pretty girls.
*Kinda blurry but makes no difference when it's a picture of a boy with his mom! It's always good!

*Grandpa makes the BEST s'mores.
*However, Rocky was enjoying his well done treat quite a bit too!
*Grandpa telling stories.
*We've been taking these pictures for many years; this is by far one of the prettiest ones I've ever done. That is one good looking set of kids. Don't you agree?

And in parting with you today...I want to mention JOY. I talk a lot about expressing true happiness and I often notice people who don't express much joy in their lives. That is not to say I'm always joyful but I do often find joy in my life, in the simplest things. And if I am nothing, I am passionate about life. There are many things in my life I truly LOVE. My wish is that all of you find joy in your daily lives. And that you let your passion show. I hope that I share this with my own children; I think I do.

This is JOY!

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Jennifer said...

What a cute rock idea! I may need to borrow that idea next year:) We are both signed up for the summer swap.