Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Pray

Most of you are aware, Kelly's (my best in friend in the entire world) Mom is dying of cancer.

I can honestly say that now as the things she is going through are killing her, almost silently. I am sad and afraid.

I have learned so much following their struggle and realized I know so very little about the disease.

What breaks my heart the most is the never ending roller coaster ride they are on. Every day, I hear her; Kelly tries to get a handle on it. She knows where her mom's disease is at, she's got a grip on it, only to hear, see, discover some odd thing an hour later that makes it very clear, she will never have a handle on it. She will never know where each day will take her.

She is like a feather floating around on a breezy day, rising with the gusts then falling at the very moment the wind stops blowing, when one would hope the stillness would bring peace and comfort. With cancer there is no comfort, no peace of mind.

So I ask you, to just pray. Pray for Kelly, my friend who has been a pillar of strength, trying so hard to make the last days of her Mom's life the best they can be. Pray for Jana, that she know in the depths of her soul, where we can not be, that she is loved so very much. Pray for anyone you know who has or who has ever had cancer and even those you don't know, that each day they find some sense of the comfort, safety and peace of mind that eludes them during this fight of their life. Please just pray. Thanks.

Also, Kelly shared this with me today. You may need it to or maybe you know someone who does. It is national Cancer Survivor's Day and as she was leaving the hospital she received a scroll with these words.

What Cancer Cannot Do!
Cripple love,

shatter hope,

corrode faith,

destroy peace,

kill friendships,

suppress memories,

silence courage,

invade the soul,

steal internal life or

conquer the spirit.

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Valerie said...

This must be so difficult, and my thoughts and prayers are with you and Kelly now.