Saturday, June 27, 2009

it begins with a color- Look Up

This weeks challenge at it begins with a color is Look Up.

We had a very long drive on Thursday so, I talked to Scott about these photo challenges I'd been determined to start trying. I explained that this week the challenge was to Look Up and all the while we were driving I was studying clouds and mountains, you name it.

So Friday morning when we were leaving the cabin we'd stayed in, I looked out in front of me at this darling (even littler) cabin with a lovely mountain behind it and decided to take a picture.

Scott saw me taking said pictures and commented how cool he thought the cabin was. I, thinking, "Huh, that's not like him to think something as simple as this little cabin is cool" turned and said "Yeah, I like it to".

Then he said " Isn't it crazy how that is growing there?" To which I now verbally said "HUH? What growing where?"

And he said, " The grass...growing UP there!!!"

And me, I said "OHHHH, yeah LOOK UP!" And we cracked up laughing. So, here is SCOTT'S contribution to it begins with a color weekly challenge.
*It's best if you click the photo.

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