Monday, June 29, 2009

Denali, Alaska

Every summer we travel for soccer, several times. This past weekend we headed to Fairbanks, AK.

A few years ago we started making the trip in 2 days rather than 1. We love to spend the night in Denali (or just outside of it actually)and have a leisurely day there before heading the rest of the way into Fairbanks. This year was no exception.

We stayed at Carlo Creek this year in one of the cabins. It is a beautiful, peaceful little place and the staff is wonderfully kind. Also, the rates are fair so I don't feel as though I am getting gouged.

This year the cabin we stayed in had enough square footage for a double bed, and two twins. (0ne bed and one mattress on the floor.)

Cori was so happy having a bed to herself she didn't mind being the one on the floor. Scott took the other twin and Cassi, Cali and I had the double. It was cozy.

There was no bathroom but the (extremely nice and CLEAN) bathroom facilities were 10 steps from our front door.

This was the view from our front porch.

The morning after we arrived we were rested and ready to go. There are bench swings through out the place. Scott and I took a quick photo being silly, then we got on our way.

Cali remembered to bring Smappy along so we made sure to take their picture with the Denali sign.

Further down the road we cross a span bridge in Nanana and from it, we see this.

I love pictures of bridges. don't you?

We finally made it to Fairbanks and checked into the hotel. 5 minutes later- we were in the pool!

After swimming a while, we decided we deserved some dinner and walked around the corner the the local BBQ. It was very southern and yummy! Cali never did eat. Immediately after arriving, she looked like this!

Fortunately Daddy can multi-task and carried her on the walk back to the hotel.

It was a full trip and we had a ton of fun. Can't wait to head back next year.

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This Girl loves to Talk said...

lol... you chose my top 4 names on my baby name list.. it will probably end up with one of those names :) very perceptive of you :)