Friday, March 13, 2009

Word of the Week

Here it is...your word of the week.

Inflected Form(s):
plural pro·bos·cis·es also pro·bos·ci·des \-ˈbä-sə-ˌdēz\
1 a: the trunk of an elephant ; also : any long flexible snout b: the human nose especially when prominent2: any of various elongated or extensible tubular processes (as the sucking organ of a butterfly) of the oral region of an invertebrate

And here is what can happen after you tell your child the word and definition.

I said to Cassi "Your proboscis is looking unusually large this evening." and she said "Your saying MY BUTT LOOKS BIG!!!"
Have a great week!

How it got started.

Years ago, I had a friend who challenged my vocabulary and grammar on a regular basis and made it fun. I was a young adult at the time and it made an impression on me then and has since been a mischievous banter between us. I also had a friend who would give me a "Word of the Day". He challenged me to use that word several times through out the day. I in turn shared the daily word with Kelly. (My best friend, for any one who doesn't know).

I asked Kelly during a recent conversation if she remembered the first word my friend gave me and SHE DID!

It was-brouhaha, meaning uproar. I've used it ever since.

While chatting we decided we should start doing it again, just for fun. And as for me, I can share it with my kids. Being that is was Kelly's mom, who used to give me such crap for my grammar and such, I challenged her to come up with a fun, silly or all around odd word each week that I could use. She is currently fighting the fight of her life, lung cancer and most days are hard. I assumed this would be a simple distraction but possibly a fun challenge to get her mind off things. And a way, to 'get' me so to speak which is always fun for her!

So, keep and eye out here. Each week I will give you a word and I challenge you to learn it and use it. Keep it fun and include your kids. I promise it will be fun, and if not,find a way to make it so. We will all be better for it.


BranFlakes said...

I love your word of the day/week idea! The funnier the better!

Yes, you can keep the radishes indoors, just put them by a window.

Michie said...

What a fun idea! I actually knew this word - although in relation to the butterfly, not the elephant!

Amber said...

Hi! I've enjoyed reading your blog and getting ideas for fun projects so I gave you a reward! ;) Click here to get it!

Holly said...

You should tell her that her curple is looking unusually large. I used to tell my nephew to use that word instead of "butt" so he wouldn't get yelled at by my brother for saying "butt" so much.