Friday, March 06, 2009

It's a Happy Day!

The Unplugged theme this week is HAPPY. This made me grin just thinking about the broad range of interpretation we are bound to see from everyone.

Cori had a friend over today; we have the day off from school. After eating homemade biscuit donuts (Yeah, I know, I'm great huh :) I told them about the theme. Some times they are really into it and others not so much. Today they looked at me and their eyes screamed "Yeah, so what!". Knowing Cali needed some attention from them I told them how HAPPY Cali would be if they would be willing to do a simple project with her.

I saw Rainbows made from marshmallows at No Time For Flashcards the other day and knew it would be a perfectly simple project for her. I was equally aware that the older ones would not appreciate it near as much as she would.

Regardless, I forged ahead, showed them what I had and set them loose. Cori did not enjoy it much. She made her rainbow from sharpies instead claiming she really dislikes marshmallows.

Cassi and Alli made do with it and made their own versions both of which were cute.

And Cali really loved it as much as I knew she would. The thing that made her the happiest however was EATING all the marshmallows.

It has been really sunny here today albeit windy enough to send us to OZ. Still, Cori needed to be outside to be HAPPY today.

I found her falling backwards, over and over, into the soft thick snow. She was thrilled with herself and having a grand time. She gets angry at me for taking pictures but I loved the ones I got.

Cassi's happiest moment today was likely to be the minute she realized she was going to LOVE the new flooring Daddy is installing in her room.

She wasn't real sure when I told her about it and was concerned she wouldn't like it as much as carpet. Now that she has seen it going in, HOT DOG, she is bouncing around everywhere.

So, all in all, a VERY HAPPY, unplugged day with the best yet to come. Night sledding with friends from school, tonight. Keep your fingers crossed we don't blow away!


Meg said...

We tried doing the rainbow with fruitloops and I just ended up with a big mess.

Crescent Moon said...

I miss snow!!!
Falling backwards into the snow looks like fun.

MoziEsmé said...

Looks like everyone got a little happiness in! We did the rainbow with conversation heart candies before Valentine's day - we didn't use glue so there was no mess!