Friday, March 20, 2009

The Circus Came to Town

Not to many BIG things happen 'round here. So when the Circus comes to town, IT"S BIG NEWS!

This wasn't really a circus; not when you grew up watching Ringling Bro's performances. But still aerialists, contortionists and daredevils are circus enough for my girls. I didn't want to spend the money figuring it wasn't gonna be all that but Cori, Cassi and Cali were unrelenting. Finally in the final hour, we decided to go for it. Well, that and Grandma bought the tickets. :)

The first 20 minutes were, umm lets just say I wasn't real impressed. The unicyclist couldn't stay on his bike and a 10 year old girl got stuck in one of those fabric ropes she was hanging from, but we persevered.

And by the second half, we were oohing and awing just like everyone else around us.

I didn't take my camera but Cori took her happy-snap. Here are a couple shots we thought were fun.

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Pom Pom said...

LOVE the circus pics! How fun! Your girls look like live wires! I'm an English teacher, so of course I love your word of the week! I'm glad I found YOUR blog!