Thursday, March 05, 2009

Green & Gold, Glittery Gooey Fun,

Yesterday was our day to host preschool with our friends. Cali looks forward to her preschool days more than just about anything. And when it is her week to have it at her house, whoa baby!

We decided it was a bit too early to really get our friends excited about St. Patrick's day (even though we are!) so we went with the letter G as our theme. And to tell you the truth, it may have been the best week I've ever hosted. The kids loved the projects, they were into the books we chose and had more fun with snack than ever before.

We started our day making 'GREEN GOO'. I saw this idea here at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

I made one batch the night before and it turned out real well. Cori helped me make another batch before leaving for school that morning and it was more like a silly putty texture.

When I tried to get Cali to help with the 1st batch I made she was completely grossed out (in a fun way) and I got such a kick out of it that I decided to wait and make the last batch with the kids during preschool time. I AM SO GLAD I DID! They were hysterical; whipping some science up, Bill Nye style! Aren't these pictures too funny.

We also made some glittery green G's which I saw here at No Time For Flashcards

I swear I really do have ideas of my own. :) It's just that when I need something specific, these gals really come through for me.

I made a muffin tin snack for the kids too.

I used green grapes, baked snap peas, celery with peanut butter and Scrabble Cheez It's. I pulled several G's from the box before everyone arrived. They piled some crackers on their plate then I dropped a couple G's in the pile when they weren't looking. We played a bingo-like game looking for G's which then turned into everyone taking turns calling letters to find. They loved this game. I couldn't get them away from the table.

After snack we made grasshoppers in the grass with our thumbprints.

They even enjoyed that far more than I expected. I told them they were creating a story that they could read to their families. I wrote "Grasshoppers in the Grass" on their papers and had them read them to me. I know it worked for Cali since she was reading it again to me this morning as she was folding it up to mail to Grandma.

Lastly we planted grass for the kids to take home. Scott found some cute little plastic buckets for the kids to use. We put some rocks in the bottom, filled it with a soil mix. Added some grass seeds with a tiny bit of dirt over them and sprayed it down. Cali's bucket is residing in near the front window which gets nice sunlight. I am hoping the kids see some sprouts by our next preschool day. We decorated the buckets with stickers.

I haven't a clue what my next theme will be; I've not decided yet. I'm a bit fearful I won't top this day. I am 'G'rateful for it though! :)


~Bobbi~ said...

So, I am determined to make some of that goo! Everytime I see it I want to play in it. Then I forget all about it. That's it, it's going on my planner. I loved all your projects!

Katie said...

Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! I bet the goo went over real big and the grasshoppers and very cute.

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Katie you are so right on with the Goo. My older two are still playing with it. I saved it in tubs and they keep pulling it out. I may never be able to get rid of it!

jennwa said...

YOu guys have been busy. It looked like your kids had a lot of fun.

Thanks for linking and have a great weekend.