Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Sick

A few weeks ago Cali had fifth disease (actually Cori had it too) and it seemed like it took forever to get rid of it.

As a follow up, it seems that Cori caught some sort of influenza, then passed it on to Cali who passed it on to Cassi. It provides worrisome fevers, extreme crabbiness, hellacious coughs and annoying sneezing that doesn't seem to subside. It's so fun.

Cori missed 2 and 1/2 days of school since hers started on a weekend. Cali may never be the same kid again I'm afraid. We all fear there will never be an end to her crabbiness. And Cassi is on her 3rd day home from school with a cough that racks her whole body.

To make things a little better we decided we were due a muffin tin lunch today. We had to make a quick trip to Fred's and we saw these fun orange muffin tins on the clearance rack. $4.00 was too good a deal to pass up so we bought them.

On the way home Cassi decided what to put in them for lunch. She chose green eggs,(I think St. Patrick's Day and Dr. Suess's birthday were on the brain) sausage and toast. I thought it would be fun having breakfast for lunch since they had cereal this morning so we went with it.

I added green yogurt, cut up pears and I threw in some cupcakes while I was cooking lunch. I iced them with green and orange and added them to tin. We had a good time and it made everyone a little happier but just a wee bit!

Cassi had fun being super silly posing for pictures. Cali just wanted to get to those cupcakes!

If you want to see more great muffin tin ideas go check out Her Cup Overfloweth on Mondays. There is fun stuff there!

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Michelle Sybert said...

mmmmm, sausage.....

great tin, thanks for participating