Monday, March 09, 2009

Dissecting Salmon

The girls had the opportunity to dissect salmon at school today. Scott and I were supposed to volunteer in the classroom however he ended up having to go to work at the last minute.

Fortunately we had a little surprise planned for Cassi and so he did get to participate although it was a little differently than one might expect.

It turns our that Scott will not be here for Cassi's actual birthday. Well actually he may be in by that night but even that is up in the air currently. She is a bit sad about this. Also, her birthday usually falls over Spring Break so it's not often that we end up taking cupcakes or treats to her class. It just doesn't seem to happen.

He and I talked the other day about the fish dissecting thing and figured it would be great fun if we made a cake that looked like a salmon and hid some surprises inside, relevant to the dissection of said fish. Then we took it a step further and decided we could make it a special thing for her birthday since he might not be here that day. Really it was just a little something extra to make up for her sadness.

Well, it was a hit! Daddy decorator came through once more. One never really knows another's true hidden talents, do they?

Dissecting the real fish was a little touch and go as Cassi is feeling a little under the weather, in. fact everyone is. Still she enjoyed it, cautiously.

We didn't tell her about bringing in the cake but we OK'd it with her teacher. When she came into her class the cake was at her desk.

Scott went about explaining it just like they'd taught the dissection earlier in the day.
There were salmon eggs inside; our fish was female. There was also some waste in the vent.

I never really doubted the fact that it would be a hit but it makes my heart sing when my girls feel special. Especially when we manage to do something unique and fun. Plus, if we can be cool parents for just a little longer, well that is just 'icing on the cake'!

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