Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Unplug Your Kids-Creating with Bottles

This weeks unplugged theme was BOTTLE. I had an idea right away; one we have done before but simple enough for Cali and fun for the older kids too!

We've saved these small green bottle since New Year's Eve. They were from individual servings of sparkling cider. The kids loved drinking them and we all thought the bottles were great too.

I gave the kids several shades of green tissue paper and had them Mod Podge torn strips of paper to the bottle.

I made one with them; here are the 4 after one round of paper and glue.

The next day we decided to finish them. Wren had spent the night so her finsihed mine to take home to the big city. We were all quite tired from our late night performance and it shows.

While we were spending time our down time in the green room that afternoon we made some tissue paper flowers for Laura, our director. I borrowed one to take a photo although we are on a mission to find a lovely orange bloom to put in each vase.

It's starting to look a wee bit like St. Patrick's Day around here.


Crescent Moon said...

Those are nice! I think we're going to do something like that later this week.

Dayna said...

I love your color combination! We are going to be making some of those with our recycled jars from this weeks project. We need to make lots of red lanterns for my daughters upcoming birthday.

ScottChrisCoriCassiCali said...

Have you seen the paper lanterns we made. It was an idea I got from, This girl loves to talk. I don't know if yours actually need to be lit or not but if not, they are super cute! I have it in a post just a short time back. Good luck.