Friday, March 20, 2009

Night Sledding-Take 2

*Warning-this post is picture heavy but, it will be a fun ride. (Remember to enlarge the pictures to see some funny stuff.)

Well we did it again. We opted to try night sledding again. It was a nice day although a bit windy still. And truthfully, even though we didn't start until 7 PM it was still very much day-like. (One of the many blessings of living in Alaska) We invited more people this time and had quite the crowd. It was loads of fun.

Sometimes I think I shouldn't bore you with details but I have so many stories to share and I want you to feel the delight in the evening. I am not sure I ever get it across but I really want to.

We did this St. Patrick's Day night. It was a gloriously bright day and although it was windy it felt so happy. You will see a slight difference in the pictures the later it got but these first ones were taken with no flash and I likely didn't start snapping until about 7:30. Spring is really coming, I just know it. I believe!

Cali was in a much better mood this week. One week of recovery from the flu makes one extra giddy. Also, I made her and her little friends spray bottles with green tinted water in them which was so EXCITING!

Several of us wore some lucky green frills. In fact one friend wore a tiara which she explained was in honor of her sister who used to wear them often. That made me smile since I feel as though The kids and I dress to the green 9's each in honor of my Grandma and that side of the family. Even for my mom who has always made it an especially fun day.

Don't you just love Cassi's bow?
Can you guess how many kids are on this tube?
I love how HE is ducking down and completely trying to hide behind her!
I had to cut Cori out of this picture because she was looking quite goofy however this gal's mom did a great job picking out this hat. Isn't she beautiful? The color makes her eyes POP!

These 3 kids have been in class together since kindergarten. They are good friends. I didn't really have any friends in high school that I had known my whole life. I always thought that would be so cool. I hope it works out for my girls.
This was this little guy's first time sledding.
I am not sure he liked it much.(I meant the baby!)

I like this picture of Cori. Truth be known, she was being bratty. She doesn't like me taking so many pictures so this was her attempt at being difficult! HA!

And look at this little guy. Can you see him?

It is pretty clear from the face on the big one; they were getting hammered!
Not even 1 tear.

There was hot chocolate a'plenty.
And isn't it great to share it with a good friend?

Look at this shot. (I'm hearing you scream at me about helmets) We didn't let anyone go down this part of the hill after this! The rest of it is smooth sailing.

I love this picture of these two. Think she will remember it years from now? I hope so.

We were missing our Daddy a lot. Especially me. I know we would have been sledding together too. So when he gets back, we're going again!!!

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