Friday, March 06, 2009

Night Sledding.

You won't really know all of these folks but I think these pictures are fun. If you click on them they will get larger and you can see some of the things that made me giggle.

This gal was trying to slow her sled down but ended up spewing snow in her daughter's face which made her daughter VERY unhappy.
This was the only shot of Cali remotely close to sledding all night. And we had her on nearly flat ground. Just not her thing tonight!

This is a shot of Cassi after nearly taking out a little boy who walked into the sledding path. She started out sitting upright and when she noticed him she laid herself out to the right and sent herself into a spin to avoid hitting him. Here she is lying motionless trying to get her heart rate back down where it belongs I think. Sweet Girl!

This picture I loved for the grins on the first two girls in the picture. Cori is in the front. You can't really see either of their eyes but the smiles are reflecting almost as bright as Em's glove. When you make it bigger it will be quite clear what fun they are having. Amber was behind the two of them giggling too, you just can't see her face.

This Dad cracked me up. He was really enjoying the time with his kids and it was rather infectious to be around. I couldn't help but smile each time he came down with them.

Cali's happiness from earlier in the day vanished in the night wind. :(
She has been quite sick so I've got to give her a little leeway. She was also cold and didn't want to get covered with snow coming down on a sled.

She did enjoy the hot chocolate I brought along

but quickly decided sitting in the car watching a video on her DVD player would be a far better experience. How 'bought her little friend. I think his mood needs little explanation.

And this one too! Don't you just love her hat?

Cori brought along her snowboard. She is just learning how to fall actually.

I hear it is the place to start. She has a long way to go but seems determined. I hope she sticks with it. It just seems like it 's something she should do.

Hopefully the weather holds out and the wind dies down. The kids are already bugging me to go again tomorrow. Anybody want to come along? I'll bring the hot chocolate!

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