Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She said WHAT????

Today Cori was sitting outside looking at all the things we've brought home from the beach lately. She asked Cali if she'd like to make some fairy houses with her. As she spoke about the project she picked up this little clam shell and questioned what it might be used for.

All about the same time, Cori said "A couch." I said "a bed." And Cali called out, "I know! A COFFIN!"

Hmmm. have you ever heard of a fairy coffin??

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Bárbara said...

So perfect!

It's wonderful to see how confortable children are about the dance of life.

When my niece Isabela was younger (around 5-6 yo) we used to play a fairy tale where I was a little fairy and she was a princess. Sometimes she would kill me or she or both of us and then, at the end, everything was just a dream. But there was times when it was for real. One day I asked her: "This is it? I'll dye for real?" And she told me: "Yes... It's life, you know?" Yep...