Monday, August 30, 2010

The Other Two-Thirds of My Children

Lest you all think I don't care about the other two. I wanted to tell you they too have started back to school. And while it isn't their first year leaving me after the summer vacation, I miss them just as much as I did the first time I had to leave them behind at school for the whole day.

Cassi is in her last year at her school. It is the only year Cali will have a sibling at school with her. I am so grateful she's had the comfort of knowing Cassi is there with her. Cassi has been so sweet about looking out for her.

She is just that kind of kid. She is a sweet, kind, loving but yet she is demanding, self-motivated, proficient, an achiever through and through.

She had a lot of fun school shopping this year. She loves to put together outfits and often helps her sisters come up with ideas.

Don't you just love this twin-thing going on for the third day of school? They were both super excited about this!

Cori started Middle School this year. I certainly don't expect to coast through the year with no drama but I think Cori is a pretty cool kid with a great head on her shoulders. She too is kind, super friendly to everyone, quite social and an excellent student.

Her school now starts earlier than we've ever been used to; it's quite a shock to the system. There was little fan-fare this year as she left for school. I had to plead with her to take a first-day of school photo for me. And thankfully she did it. Otherwise I may have had to embarass her and make her take some pictures after school. Oh wait, I did that too!

Her friends were good sports about it thankfully. I love that about them. My daughter loves me just enough to put up with my quirkiness and since she is good to them, I guess her friends oblige me too! :)

Today, I think we all figured out just how exhausting going back to school can be. Cassi hung near the house getting all her homework done early so she would be ahead come next week. Cori summoned up a second wind following a full school day, the first day of soccer try-outs, then a birthday party and onto a sleep-over.
Cali was asleep by 7:00 and never even ate dinner.

Here's hoping that we stay on this trail to a happy school year and that my heart callouses a little 'cause right now, it's a little tender missing my girls.

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