Monday, August 09, 2010

amongst friends #41



Christie- The Blue angels

Sandy- I think this is a tool used for sewing/ quilting. I wish I knew more because i I did, I'd likely know how to sew. :)

Karen- A square knot. I really loved this picture. It was one of my favorite this week.

Kelly- a square, a tool. I think there were women involved in our challenge who didn't know what this was. And I think Kelly uses hers often! Go Kelly!

Jocelyn- Love the hopscotch idea. Very creative!

Cassi- She took this looking into her cheeze-it box. Also one of my favorites this week. And it was completely her own idea!

Joanne- A post-it note. Again, very creative and unique!

Jenny- A poster with lots of squares and extra points for the Ireland connection. :) I am Irish you know!

There are some great contributions this week. Everyone is thinking outside the box and the creative juices are flowing. My children often participate and I was pretty impressed with Cassi's photo this week. Can you tell what it is? Original, don't you think? I've personally shared a lot of photos recently of the Blue Angels but I saved this picture because I was amazed when I took it just how perfectly square they were aligned all while going so very fast.

Next week the theme is 'purple'. Consider joining in and start looking for something to take a picture of. Do you have any ideas? Also coming up is 'beverage' and 'nature'. Start thinkin!  :)

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no idea what this is, but looks interesting! :)