Monday, August 02, 2010

amongst friends #40

You Pick~

~Be sure to click on the picture above twice 
in order to see it in it's largest view.~

*I am having a few issues with collaging the photos as we add more and more players. I will be playing with the layout until I can get it right. For now, this is what worked best. Sorry for any edges being cut off. :(

Christie- I just loved this picture of Cori. She is a quirky girl and here I captured it. It was a bonus that she happened to 'pick' something which went along with the theme.

Frank- I think this is a snapshot into his daily life. God bless him and everyone that does what he does!

Kelly- This is an upside down mailbox she happened upon. Not sure if it was a prank against the family or a quirky trick on the postman.

Jenny- Playing footsies, with her man.

Karen- Awesome photo taken in her backyard. How lucky to have a manatee in your own backyard!

Joanne- She wanted to tell you:

"Our beloved Ms. Carolyn is 101!

If you ever have the opportunity to befriend someone as gracious as Ms. Carolyn you will know you have been blessed.

Ms. Carolyn is from Ft. Mitchell, AL where she has resided for almost 80 years.

She lives by herself and remains independent as ever.

She is active in the community and church, and loves to bake and cook for others.

She has many friends who check on her and assist her to get to her appointments, buy groceries and to get her hair done!

We all love her and admire her determination to never give up."

Jocelyn- I LOVE this photo. It reminds me old school Brooklyn, NY. It could have been a clip from an old movie.

Sandy- a beautiful shot of a swan. Love it!

The theme this week was open for your own choosing. I just realized however that my picture goes with the theme literally. :)

After seeing the photos, I kind of found it interesting that the pictures very much represented the person contributing and the direction their photos often go.

I wondered if you would see it too so I left the credits off each individual photo and thought I'd ask if you can tell who took each photo. Some will be obvious but it's the others I'm curious about. So try it, who do you think took each photo?

The next 4 themes are:

Get your cameras out and start thinking about your contribution. We'd love to have you join in.

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