Monday, August 30, 2010

amongst friends #44


Well, this was a fairly easy theme, don't you think. I pretty much expected everyone would photograph their favorite beverage. I know I did. I am most often seen with a coffee in my hands. In Alaska, we have to do things a little different than many places so taking a espresso to the beach to watch the sunset, completely normal in these parts!

Kelly's picture makes me long for a boba tea. No one makes them here although I wish they did. If you've never tried one, you should!

Joanne says, this is her favorite drink, especially after a crummy day. I'd have to agree. I enjoy a cold one myself every now and then.

Jocelyn's picture made Cali do a double take as she passed by my computer. We used to find these years ago but we've never seen a Strawberry Shortcake belly washer so we are very jealous.

Sandy says, "Horlicks is a malted milky drink which a lot of people like to have late
the evening as it has no caffeine." It looks yummy, but since I'm certain my blood is in-part coffee, I'm afraid I NEED the caffeine. :)

Jerri's picture is 2 different kinds of moonshine she got from her family on a recent visit to Tennessee. Have you ever tasted it? I'm not sure I'd be brave enough.

Karen showed us the ingredients of a jagermeirter bomb. I've never had one of these either. Red Bull and me might equal some seriously hyper craziness I'm not sure the world could handle. Have you ever had one?

Jenny bottle photo is beautiful. I wonder what it's from?

I've not posted the upcoming themes; I kind of forgot. :) Will you be joining us soon. The themes look like fun and I'm sure they will be challenging. Join us. It'll be fun!

Next week the theme is ANTIQUE.

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Sandy said...

I like how you mix something do-able with something challenging!

I will have to think ahead for something a bit out of the ordinary.