Sunday, August 15, 2010

amongst friends #42


~Remember to click on the photo twice to make it as large as it can be to get a better look~

Isn't it funny how a lot of the pictures this week are a compilation of all things purple? Very fun! I took several pictures this week for purple but in the end decided I loved the simplicity of this photo best.  Unlike some other colors we've done, I think some people struggled with purple more. Who knew such a royal color would pose problems.

I have been busy working on more themes for the upcoming weeks. If you have any ideas I'd love the hear them. These themes should be more vague as we want to see how you connect to it rather than asking for something specific.

Be sure to head back to past pictures if you are interested in what the pictures entail or how the photographer was connecting to the theme.  I often find the stories interesting.

Next week the theme is Nature. It should be easy enough for anyone to try. I hope you will. Until then...

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