Wednesday, August 25, 2010

amongst friends #43


So, if you heard about my week, then you understand why this is late. Regardless, here it is. I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I might. I expected something different I think. I enjoyed my time photographing mushrooms preparing for this theme but I'm wondering what others thought about it.

There were many photography struggles this week.  We got most of them worked out but Joanne's photo of a  Momma cat nursing couldn't be fixed. I'm bummed because I liked the direction it took for nature.

Jenny's photo on the other hand looked directly at the other side of nature.  However this time, life prevailed. The sweet bird was taken to rescue and turns out, it can expect a full recovery.

Kelly told me what her flower was but I can't remember. I will update it here when I figure it out. I found it interesting both of our colorful subjects were in the middle of a green border.

Jerri's anemone photo is very interesting. It resides in her fish tank, how amazing is that?

Karen tells me she plans on retiring to that place she photographed. It looks like a perfect spot however I'd rather she consider Alaska. :)

Sandy sent in a photo of holly leaves. They are always so pretty and shiny. They make me think of Christmas which all of a sudden doesn't seem too far away.
Cali photographed our ever changing picnic table where she dries out her beach finds. It's apiece of art in its own right. I love passing it each day.

Jocelyn found her little creature on a walk with her daughter. What natural wonders there are to show toddlers!

I hope you all will join us next week, the theme is BEVERAGE. I want to see some creative submissions. I'm expecting some neat photos!

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