Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day Round Up

Since we spent the day at a cheer competition we didn't do much Valentine-like stuff on valentine's day. Regardless, I thought you might like to see a little of what we did in honor of the holiday.

The girls celebrated with friends at school on Friday. Cori was really specific this year about what she would and wouldn't give to friends. We ended coming together on stress balls which we've made before. Since she shares her class with 5th and 6th graders, I thought it would be a safe bet. She insisted however that we NOT make the tag saying "Have a Ball on Valentine's Day". Instead she chose "Have a stress-free Valentine's Day". These were a HUGE hit with students and teachers alike.

In Cassi's class, since we had more of a party, we actually made the stress balls in class as a project. We made fun candy necklaces too.(See below) And we played a really fun game we called pairs. I will tell you how to play in another post.

For Valentine's gifts Cassi made these. They had a blow pop, kit kat and a few chalk hearts in them.

They were super cute however the boys quickly made beaks, clown hats and so on with them. It was funny and they seemed to enjoy finding new uses for them so I suppose that makes them a hit, right? As they get older, it is certainly hard to think of cool things to do. I will have to start thinking now for next year!

On Valentine's morning the girls woke up to treats in the hotel.

They took pictures of each other while I got started making candy necklaces for the cheerleaders. I should have had it done but I had so many commitments earlier in the week it just never got completed. Fortunately everyone decided to help and it became a family affair. Cori cut ribbon, Cali piled the ribbon near me for tying. Cassi and Daddy rolled the candy in the saran wrap and Daddy even helped tying ribbon when he was done. I took them with me and while we were waiting to get in the venue my friend Michelle helped me curl all that ribbon. Whew, we managed to get them done just as they opened the doors. The girls all loved them and they looked great in red for Valentine's day. We make these a lot in their team colors for other competitions.

Cali also made this cute little guy earlier in the week at her preschool group. She was very proud of wrinkling those legs. It took a her a long time but she hung in there.

All in all, it was a super week with lots of love-ly things to do and celebrate. I hope yours was equally as wonderful.

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