Friday, June 13, 2008


I have recently stumbled across the plethora of blogs in cyberpace and am completely obsessed. Everyone is doing it and there are lots that have some really fun ideas to be found.

I have been visiting the Crafty Crow a lot. We decided to try an easy project listed there and see what happened . Boy, Did Cassi and Cali LuuuuV it! The girls made balloon balls. These are very much like those little stress balls you find out and about for about $6.00. These were waaayyyy cheaper! We tried many with flour and a couple with rice. The directions are here if you have the desire.

As you can see, it can quickly become rather dusty but in our case that made it all the more fun.
We used balloons that seemed a little larger than the normal ones; it might have worked better with the normal size ones but who knows? Also, we seemed to keep getting an air bubble at the bottom but we worked at them the best we could and they turned out fairly well. Anyway, hope you enjoy our fun.

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