Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What we were doing when we should have been doing something else

Well, I need to make some snacks for testing later today at school. I also need to work on collecting donations for our upcoming winter school carnival and I need to clean my house since preschool friends are coming over tomorrow; but instead we made one of these.

This project actually started yesterday but Cali is still sick and after covering the whole thing, almost, she decided she wanted to rest.

She was happy with her accomplishment at the moment.

She likely would have finished it in the evening had I not been gone.

Regardless, I asked her this morning if she wanted to finish it and she did. I had pre-cut some hearts for her yesterday and she decided those could go on the sides today. It wasn't exactly like I thought they'd look best but it was her project so I let it be. *sigh*

After she finsihed it I told her I would make the first love note to go in it. I was hole punching dots to glue to my heart and I suppose I was talking too long. We decided we needed a way that she could tell there where notes in the box. I suppose I could have put a flag on it but we decided a bell would be more fun. I tied the bell to the side of the lid you pull to open the box and with a little extra effort the bell can be heard.

She took checking her mail very seriously and loved it! Then happily traipsed off to make me a love note of my own. So...I will get to make my own box too! :)

Got any idea's for some cool love notes? I've got a hunch the big girls are going to like these and want to make their own mail boxes. And those love notes have to be kool! 'Cause right now they think I am a bit of a nerd! Ha!

Hope love is abundant for all of you; my cup is overflowing!

Hugs and Kisses!

*Forgot to mention- I originally read about this type of project here at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman . We have made similar things before but hadn't thought of doing it for Valentine's, so truly, she inspired this lovely project!

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