Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Really Working

Cali has been doing preschool with friends once a week. It's sort of a traveling preschool; we go to each others houses rotating amongst 4 friends. It's much like a play date with structure.

Most of the time we incorporate a letter into the days activities. In addition to that, I have been really working with Cali on the letters of the alphabet at home too.

As a Valentine's surprise I have been working on some fabric magnet letters for Cali. I had some scraps left over from a few of the letters that are finished so I stuck them on the fridge the other day. I didn't really mention them to anyone but I thought Cali might decide to make some pictures from the shapes when the day came she noticed them.

Today is that day. Although she didn't make a picture, she spelled her name. She was so excited and so was I. It makes me smile seeing how much she is learning and how thrilled she is with herself when it happens. Doesn't it make you smile too?

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