Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Love, Love, Love These Girls

During the summer, the girls and I started occasionally having muffin tin lunches. We don't do it all the time but when we do, the LOVE it.

Last week while we were shopping (and passing some cute little heart shaped muffin tins) Cori asked me if I would bring her a muffin tin lunch at school. Of course I said "yes" at which point she coerced me into buying Valentine muffin pans.

They have field trips tomorrow so they will be eating on the run. I decided to surprise them today with Valentine themed lunches.

Cali wanted to help so she cut tiny little heart cheese. I put those in a pocket with pepperoni. In another I put Ritz crackers and added a couple red bell pepper hearts. I used mixed berry yogurt in one and raspberries in another. We also gave them teeny tiny peanut butter and jelly heart sandwiches. And 1 really beautiful yummy Valentine cookie.

Since I had to get them to school somehow I wrapped them in red cellophane tied with pink curly ribbons and gave them a pink Sobe life water in the cute new bottle. (Not to worry, we are recycling them for something because they are so fun.

I realize a lot of kids don't attend a school like my kids do; where parents are encouraged ( and almost required) to be an active participant but it really made my kids' day to have such a special lunch brought to them. They were glowing! You can always ask your principle or administrator if you can be cleared to do something like this.

We are also even considering making this a school wide activity once a quarter, having each student bring their own muffin tin and one item that will fit in the pans, to share with their class. Bringing 1 item times 25 makes it fairly simple for parent to plan but having 25 students participate almost guarantees a variety.

Hope your day is rosy pink and all Valentiney too.

*****(And in case your thinking your child would sooner beat you with a stick than have you bring a lunch like that; Think again. If I was asked once today I was asked a bazillion times if I would do it again for everyone!)

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Kelly said...

You are such an AWESOME Mom (and friend)!!! I wish I could be around you and the girls for some of the love and fun. Miss you!!