Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Grandpa's birthday was Monday. We had a small (and quick) get together. We decided to meet at McDonald's which kept the little bit busy while everyone took a minute to catch up.
Holly, Wren and Barry were in town so they dropped by before leaving for Anchortown one more time. Scott and the girls were there for a bit but had to leave to get to Oliver practice and set building.

We surprised Grandpa with a unique present this year. Because what else do you get for a guy who has everything.

We made him turn around since you can't really wrap a fish.

Then we told him to turn around...SURPRISE!

I think the fish was a little frightened because Grandpa had a hard time locating him. He must of been hiding.

Cori and Cassi thought Grandpa would LOVE a fish. Cali and Wren picked out a blue one.

I think Wren dubbed him Steve. Cori told Grandpa to call him Dirt 'cause he's older than dirt. :)

I still haven't heard what his actual name is. I'll keep you posted.

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