Friday, February 06, 2009

Some Quick Fun with the Girls

This past Wednesday was our week to host preschool. We were on for the previous week but had to cancel due to how sick Cali's been. It seems as though we are moving forward and getting over it but it's been slow. And she is still very grumpy!

At least while friends were here, she was happy. Whew!

Our theme for the day was Snowmen and the letter "s".

We played this fun game I made up. I cut pictures out of some old magazines. Since we were focusing on the letter "s" I looked for more of those than anything else. In fact, I did not include every letter of the alphabet although I may add on to this game later for Cali. Mostly I threw in a couple other letters to make them have to specifically look for "s". The idea was that they first found an "s" snowman then they chose a snowman with a picture that started with the "sss" sound. I think Cali could get a lot more of the sounds down after watching her play, which is why I will likely add all the letters here soon.

To check their work, I wrote the words for the pictures on the back. This way, if they were unsure if the picture started with "s" they could turn it over and look for a hint. I tried to stick to pictures that offered little interpretation. I think they understood it well and liked it. They even used the fact check plan a time or two.

We also made more snowmen out of the glittered snow playdough. It is a no-fail activity so no stress there. I wanted to show you some of the cute ideas the kids had however I missed getting a picture of the one I loved the most.

This one had a sword and a huge hat. Later that hat was exchanged for some spiky hair but I didn't get the picture. It was pretty stinkin' cute.

These two were holding hands.

And lastly, doing hair and make up has been a big deal 'round here lately, Oh, and fashion design! Here are a couple pictures of Cori and Cali who did makeup for each other this afternoon, then designed some glamorous outfits. (Cali was a little shy about the photo-can you tell?) Hot Stuff!


jennwa said...

I love that snowman game, that is a great idea.
It look like a fun preschool day.

But most of all I loved thaht last picture of your girls, they looked sooo happy.

Thanks for linking, have a great weekend.

sara's art house said...

LOVE the little snowmen!!!!