Saturday, July 24, 2010

We are doing the Dandelion thing again.

Last year you may remember I tried Dandelion syrup. It was really good; more stout than regular syrup like molasses.  I got mixed reactions to it. I really liked it, especially on biscuits. My kids didn't care for it as much. They would eat it every once in a while but not too often. Scott seemed to like it.

This year I decided to try a few new things. First, about a month ago I made Dandelion cookies. Again, I loved them but I think I may have used too many petals for my kids liking. When you bit into them there was often a petal sticking out and the kids said it seemed like the cookies were hairy. :)  We didn't make them a second time.

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at jelly. I am fascinated by dandelions and ever since I found out they are good for you I am always looking for a new way to use them.

I decided on this recipe although I looked over many via the internet. I am glad I chose this one. It is delicious.

Because I hoped by making them a part of the process they might enjoy the final product more, I asked the kids to pick the dandelions for me.  Of course Cali really enjoyed doing it but the other two, not as much.

Then Cori, Cali and I cut the petals off the flowers.  I let my petals soak overnight, mostly because I didn't have time to finish the process. I am guessing however that it gives the jelly a slightly stronger flavor.

I am not sure what I was thinking after I filled my jars but I flipped them over to help them seal. I don't think I tightened the lids enough and two of them started seeping out all over. No worries however because I would have opened one right away to taste and the other I will give to my Dad.

The recipe only made 5 half-pint jars and I am positive they will go quickly. I still have lots of dandelions in the yard but the weather has been rather crummy. I am hoping with all the rain the ones that are there won't go to POOF! and I'll be able to harvest them on the next sunny day.

I know most of you see the lowly dandelion as nothing more than a weed but you can research it yourself, there are many benefits. One being fending off depression, which I read as enhancing a sunny disposition. :)

Try them and you may find yourself just as fascinated as I am.

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M. Kasch said...

YUM! I might just go out in the rain today to pick dandelions. I'm intrigued.