Monday, July 26, 2010

amongst friends #39

(Be sure to click on the photo. I will open in a larger view enabling you to better see what the photographer was truly capturing)

Well, we got through the week. I find it interesting that with the hardest theme we've had to date (in my opinion) we have the most people participating that we've ever had.

I started trying to figure this theme out early in the week. I knew I would struggle figuring out what to photograph and I thought other might as well. It seems everyone 'knew' what it was but with that came a lot of different expressions of it. Everyone took the definition differently and made it work they way they saw it. It took me a while to get to a place where I could see that ultimately that is what the challenge is about.

There is no right and wrong, simply an individual understanding of the definition and an individual  expression of it.

I'm relieved that next week's theme is YOU PICK, so I can offer ANY photograph I wish. I am guessing mine will be VERY simple. :)

I know some of you thought about abstract since I asked for help so often; did you take any pictures?  I'd love for you to join us. Next week will be  super simple week to join in. Consider it.

Until then, can you figure out the pictures this week and more importantly, do you think these pictures fit your definition of abstract?  I'd really love to know.

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