Friday, July 23, 2010

An Amazing Experience

I've told you about my new favorite beach, right? Well now I have a new reason to love it so.

I took the girls to walk the beach with me while Cori was away. I was feeling a little down and needed the distraction that the drive to Ninilchik would create for me. We didn't stay too long, Cassi and Cali weren't really into being there and it was overcast. Not a spectacular evening by any means although personally I love just about any evening on the beach. :)

While we were walking to the car I noticed a man and a young girl walking up ahead of me. Actually the were walking towards the water's edge with a 5 gallon bucket in hand. I watched as they dumped the bucket into the water realizing they were dumping their fish whammy.

All of a sudden I see a bald eagle flying to my right and sort of  over top of me. There was juvenile eagle following the adult. They landed right down where the fish guts were with a big group of seagulls.

I had my camera but I didn't have my telephoto lens so I just kept trying to slowly move a little closer and a little closer. I found a bit funny that I was a little scared. They look rather large once you are 8 feet away watching them use their big talons to rip bug chunks of Salmon apart. At one point a third one, another juvenile flew in. I still can't believe it all happened so close to me.

They kept a pretty good eye on me but didn't seem bothered that I was there. I was holding a big stick Cali wanted to take home and I kept thinking they might get the impression I was larger than I was if I held the stick so that it was higher taller my head. :)  Seriously, they are quite big!

I hope you enjoy the photos. I had an amazing time taking them. Cassi and Cali were right with me the whole time however I was a bit nervous and made them stay back a distance.  I am certain they would have tried to walk right up to them if I would have let them. Just another day in the life of an Alaskan child I guess.


J-ROK said...

I can't believe you got that close to a wild eagle! Great pics!

Kelly said...

Awesome pics!! Glad you all enjoyed that experience!

5orangepotatoes said...

Holy cow Christie, I am now coining you the Eagle Whisperer! Amazing shots and darn it I WANT to move to Alaska. If Dave wasn't such a party pooper, I'd be there!

I'm working on the seahorse by the way, I'm email you about it tomorrow.


softearthart said...

WOW it certainly is a big bird, cheers from New Zealand Marie