Monday, July 19, 2010

amongst friends #38

Pink~ Leave a comment on which photo in the collage you like the best. :)

I'm  catching up a little finally. It's only Monday and I'm actually posting our photo collage instead of being Tuesday or Wednesday. That's progress right?!
I struggled a little this week although admittedly it may have been due losing my camera battery charger for a few days. I didn't care for the photo I ended up with however I figure sometimes life just happens that way. You take what you get and make the best of it.  
I REALLY love Kelly's photo this week. It makes perfect sense to me and seems so easy to have thought of, although go figure, it NEVER crossed my mind until I saw that cute picture.

So did you all take a PINK photo this week?  Did you think of something cool? Quit procrastinating and join in!

Next week our theme is ABSTRACT. Yeah I'm thinking I may have to create something to photograph. Hmmm.  After that we have, YOU PICK (This can be any picture you want), SQUARE, then PURPLE. So get your camera out, start thinking and join in.


Sandy- Her photo is pink button- Do you think it's vintage?

Jenny- Love this little photo. The kids loved it too. It got several votes for favorite photo. I believe Jenny found this on her daily walk. Certainly lucky to come across it during 'pink' week.

Christie- I found myself at the end of the week without a pink picture. It's been quite dismal here on this Alaskan peninsula for a while but it doesn't stop my children from playing in all that rain. Unfortunately they leave their stuff in the rain all the time. This is what I saw looking out my kitchen window in the middle of pouring down rain. I didn't go out to get them.

Jocelyn- I m guessing this was breakfast. :)

Kelly- Yes, she gets winner of the week. :) This is her fur baby- Shoogie. It was a very creative and cute idea and I was definitely jealous. :)


Kelly said...

I think Kelly's is the best.

Jocelyn said...

I Think Kelly's is the best....