Monday, July 05, 2010

amongst friends #36


Wow, who knew you could give a theme that could entail such pleasant things and end up with all of these pictures.  :)

While I expected a flower or two I never expected the assortment that we have here.  Since I talk to Kelly often, I'd heard about her picture. What a way to make a dilemma work for you.  I kind of expected Frank to come through with the bathroom photo. LOL
I love the flower pictures and had one of my own but had a vision. Interestingly enough my vision was an antique perfume bottle with a sprayer but couldn't locate one. My campfire idea came about due to my daughter's idea to stand in the massive amounts of smoke from one the other night and then proceed to get in my car. PeeYoo!

Cori's idea was all her own and is so "Cori"!  But I'm glad she did. I think it was fun idea and is definitely associated with scent!
What about you? Did you have any ideas? Join us this week. The theme is MEMORIES.

Kelly found her way to this dead rat via his lovely scent. He was resting in her attic. Ewww!
I already told you about my stinky campfire kid and her getting in my car after bathing in the smoke while we were putting out the fire. My car still has wafting campfire smells.  Cori's sock picture came after a hard day's practice. Definitely a scent; enough said.

Sandy says, "The bush/tree is called Mock Orange Blossom and has a very wonderful scent. It is in my front garden."

And while Jenny didn't tell me anything about her flowers I wanted to mention how much I enjoyed the simpleness of having them in the mason jar. Looooove this!

Jocelyn, well, I am guessing we all can figure out those smells. Such a sweet girl for such a picture. Who knew?  Just kidding Jocelyn. Great picture!

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