Friday, July 16, 2010

Blowing Bubbles- Fighting Cancer

I read about this Project of Love via a friend's blog. (or maybe it was facebook- something like that) 

I thought it was the perfect idea. My family (Scott's included) has had their fair share of experiences with cancer. And while many of them happened rather far away and therefore I was bit disconnected, or while I was rather young and again somewhat disconnected, I fully understand its impact now.

Last year I lost someone so dear to my heart to cancer.Throughout her battle with the disease, the harsh and devastating affects were felt throughout my being day after day. Once you are in a situation dealing with such a thing, it becomes very quickly clear how important it is to stay positive and focused on defeating the beast.

I remember very little about my Aunt having cancer years ago, I was young and naive about such things. What I do recall is a story she once mentioned about lying alone each night through her fight, imagining there was a pac-man inside her munching away all the little cancer cells. I made me smile then and I understand it so much more now.

When I read about the bubble blowing project (link above) and the imagery my friends Aunt was using, all I could think of was my Aunt so many years ago. My Aunt beat her cancer and I am so grateful. Others in my life have been less fortunate and while I am certain things happened as they were meant to, I wish I might have had this idea to offer some peaceful, youthful, happy, conquering, minds-eye fight to aid their counter-attack against such a dreadful disease.

When I read the post above, I almost immediately took the kids outside, explained what I thought they could handle absorbing about cancer and the importance of being able to visualize the removal of cancerous cells from one's body and how one could use bubbles to see it in their mind's-eye. 

The girls went at it with gusto. When I look at all the photos I took and imagined my little girls trying to battle something they could not possibly at this time of their young lives  fully understand I could only hope that if and when the day comes they need such knowledge they will remember this exercise and use it to help themselves or others. Love and positive energy are such powerful things, aren't they?

If you have the time, try it. And take some photos yourself. You never know when you might need such an experience to fall back on.  And what  wonderful lesson you'll be giving your kids in the process.

For those of you who read this blog and have battled your own cancer, be it you or with one you love, this post is for you.  Now go !POP! some bubbles.   :)


M. Kasch said...

This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

J-ROK said...

Thank you from the bottom most pieces of my heart! This is such a beautiful post.