Monday, February 01, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook 02-01

FOR TODAY 2010-02-01

Outside my window... It' dark, it's late and it's been a very busy day.

I am thinking...about my friends. One is struggling with a teenager, one is dying, one is on life support, one is turning 40...I long for their happiness and contentment, I pray for their journeys, I worry for them.

I am thankful children, my husband, our health, our happiness and our faith and all the little things I don't want to forget.

From the learning rooms...Cali is still making all the right moves towards becoming a courageous and fun loving kindergartner. I have no worries that she is ready.

From the kitchen...We tried a new little treat tonight. Frozen sweetened strawberries with a dash of lemonade blended in the blender to a slush with a dollop of whip cream. Yum! Try it, you will like it.

I am wearing...jeans and a simple yellow cap sleeve t-shirt with a light green tank top underneath. Thinking Spring!

I am creating...things with sticks. It seems as though I go through spurts and right now its sticks.

I am help in Cassi's class on Wednesday. I love to be in the classroom with the kids.

I am reading...Sarah Palin's book but I got sidetracked. Maybe I will get going on it again, soon.

I am praying for...Bev's family, they have hard decisions ahead. Bobbi and Kelly and their kids. Their journey is a hard one right now and I pray the Lord comforts their hearts.

I am hearing...Cori's new speakers. LOUD!

Around the house...My kitchen counters have been clean for a couple days running. Unheard of!

One of my favorite things...when Scott calls. I miss him.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finding more sticks. I have two projects I want to complete.
Making pizzas at school. A mid week meeting, cheer practices- lots of them!

A photo for sharing...

I love this picture. A mothers love- A child's grin. Doesn't he have the same look you've seen on your 5 year old? Can't you just hear the "aww shucks mom" going on in his mind. Love it!

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