Wednesday, February 03, 2010

This Smile is For Daddy

Cali went to the dentist today. Before leaving the house she insisted I remember the camera so I could take pictures of her getting her teeth cleaned. I mean after all, if he were here he wouldn't miss it. Right? Yeah, right!

She has really handled this dental thing like a big kid. I am quite amazed actually. I wasn't sure the office would want me taking pictures but the hygienist was really great about it and had me taking far more pictures than the one I expected to take!

She went to bed so late last night that I thought she might actually go to sleep in the chair but that never happened.

The first pair of Hollywood glasses weren't dark enough so she switched them out for the rockstar version.

Her favorite part (aside from all the goodie bag supplies Ms. Linda gave her) was the suction hose. I am pretty sure every kid loves that thing.

I am hoping she ends up with some beautiful teeth since the first two are cleaning out the bank already!

We've got a good start; Look at THAT grin!

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