Sunday, February 07, 2010

amonst friends #14

The Letter K

I think this might possibly be my favorite group of submissions yet. I am struggling a little with making the collage where you can tell what everyone's photo is. The more pictures there are the smaller some contributions are going to be. So, if we continue to have many people or add more I may divvy them up into 4's and make more than one collage. It is my truest hope that eventually we move towards posting each picture individually. We'll see.

In the mean time, can you figure out all the submissions? I bet you can and I bet you are thinking about what you might have photographed yourself. Quit thinking about and do it. We hope you will join us. Next week is The letter L.

Frank-Kneading bread
Christie-Road KILLS
Jenny- Sign language K
Kelly-Krispie Kreme
Cali-Kiwi Bear book

Be sure to click on the picture to see each photo a little better.

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