Monday, February 22, 2010

amongst friends #16

The Letter M

Hey Look, we have a new player. Welcome Jocelyn. This week was a busy week for everyone involved. My girls were unable to get any M pictures. Actually I believe they took them but I can't find them at the moment. I had fun taking my pictures once I decided what I wanted to do. And good gosh, Kelly went way out to think of hers! I'm impressed. I am certain Frank and Jenny enjoyed taking theirs as well. Happy 40th birthday Jenny. What a great place to spend this milestone. It's a great reminder to stay young at heart! In fact, that's what this picture challenge is about. Staying busy and being creative which in the end keeps us all young! Wouldn't you agree? If so, go look around. Find a way to photograph N and send your picture to me. I will add it to the collage next week. I hope you do!

Frank- Minnie Mouse
Jenny- Micky Mouse
Christie-Mister(Scott's nickname) Man

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