Sunday, February 14, 2010

amongst friends #15

The Letter L

It's been quite the trying weekend however I am super excited about amongst friends. One of the gals participating mentioned how much fun this has become for her. And that is what makes it worth it. It truly has inspired creativity for all of us that participate. Consider joining us. Who knows, you might find yourself having fun with the challenge too!
Next week is the letter M.

*Cori- There is a funny story that goes with this but ultimately Cori was showing what a loser looks like. :)
Christie- Lowes- Scott works for them sometimes.
Cali- She wanted someone to take a picture of her with her LIPS sucker!
Cassi-She is wearing her lightning bolt from her cheer competition.
Kelly-Laundry-this made me giggle. I could never photograph mine, there is too much!
Jenny- Just like Jenny to photograph LOVE!

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