Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taking Care of Grandpa

I cut my hand about a week ago. It was a doozy but I had to close down a tournament and there was no time for fussing over a clean, evenly sliced wound. I wrapped that baby up and off I went to load more tables, close down snack bars and so on. I probably should have gotten stitches but, well, it's healing well and things are looking good.

Now, today I decide to call Grandpa to check in. I can hear in his voice, something is not quite right. I say, "You sound tired, are you OK?" and he replies "Well, I smashed my hand a few minutes ago.".

He tells me he had a young kid from work wrap it up for him. He tells me he didn't tell his boss. He also mentions that he might go by the Dr. on his break, if he can get in.

We talk a little longer and I am realizing from his story that he is cut up and I am picturing in my mind's eye that he likely has some skin hanging with a pretty good cut. I say to him "Dad, why don't you go to the Dr. and have him cut off the extra skin so it will be clean and the skin will heal nicer." That when he casually says, "Well, if they cut off any skin they will likely be at the bone!"

Now, you will be quite proud of me. I calmly say "All right, well Dad, I'll call the Dr. and see if the old office is still open and I'll call you back." I hang up, call the Dr.'s office and describe everything he said to me. She tells me he likely has a trauma and should probably just head in.

Within seconds I am dialing his work again knowing his boss will answer. I say, "Frank, would you mind checking out my Dad's finger but don't mention I called. Also, could you page him for me."

Dad answers and I tell him he can go over anytime to which he replies he is still thinking about going on his break. Then he says "Hey Frank is here I'll call you back and I say, "Really? Oh, OK, I'll talk to you later." HA!
Those with a weak stomach may not want to enlarge this picture.

4 hours later, he's finally going home. He is sure he has altered his fingerprint.

He has to keep his hand above his head to reduce the risk of infection that comes with having a crushed bone along with a finger-tip with 18 stitches.

He's better now. But a little drained from the tetanus shot, the 3 shots of numbing junk and the i.v. they put in his arm, oh and maybe the stress of it all!

And then, as we are all shaking our heads in disbelief but grateful he is OK he says to me "Well, look at your hand, you didn't get stitches!" Well Dad, that might be because my cut didn't look like the meat I'll be cooking for dinner tonight! Just saying!

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness....parents! Sometimes I feel like the parent in my realtionship with my mom (she has a lot of medical problems, we are in the hospital a lot with her. She lives in an apartment off my house so she can have help 24 hours). She will call me with emergency problems all the time and I have to be the one to tell her that she needs to go to the ER. Sorry, I think I'm starting to blow off some steam to you, I'll stop.

I'm so glad your dad is ok and you got him to go in. Weird that you both got cut in the same week! Have the rest of the family stay away from sharp things for a while!

Lisa :)