Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it begins with a color

Sometime back I stumbled upon a lovely little blog that, in addition to pleasant and random posts also offered a weekly photo hunt/challenge called it begins with color. Every Tuesday I diligently check for the newest challenge. I don't always have the opportunity to take a picture, and sometimes I even get one but don't have the time to post it here or even on the flickr pool but I love knowing what the weekly theme is and planning the ways I'll find it. I believe it actually makes me slow down an extra minute or two that I might not have to look around me and appreciate what I see.

If you could use the push to stop and breathe just for an extra moment or two, consider digging out your dusty little happy-snap and playing along. You might find yourself looking forward to Tuesday's too!

This week, I've already found my photo. In fact maybe this week, I'll get the chance to submit two. :)

Tonight, I impulsively decided to head out to my Dad's house to pick fireweed. (I'll post about that later) While Dad and I tromped around the property the girls were on their own playing down by the lake and simply having fun.

Right before we left for home Cassi decided to practice her front hand-springs or front-flips.

Since the theme this week is ~embrace the blur~, I did. I knew we needed to get home but still I decided to stop and just watch for a minute. Here is what I saw. :)

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