Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm on an Upcycling Kick

If you are someone I'd typically send a Christmas gift to, you may not want to read any further as I may be sending packages like the one ahead.
I think you would call this a 'kick'. I have been recycling all my cardboard cylinder containers of late to make a grouping for pens, pencils and scissors. I have an ugly little plastic drawer-thing I use and I want to gt rid of it. When I have enough containers I will tie them all together and use it on the end of my counter rather than the plastic drawers I have now.
While I was finishing a cylinder the other day I had one of those, OH that would be cool moments. And here is what I was thinking.

I think you can buy the super sized spool of Jute at Joann Fabric's for about $6.00 and you might even find it elsewhere for less. Add some raffia and a cute tag, stuff it with some tissue paper and you've got yourself a darling little gift wrap.

Of course, I am thinking Christmas but I imagine you could do this for birthdays too.
The Christmas can above is a big, wide Tang container. I would imagine coffee cans, oatmeal containers and many other things would work just as well.

These are super easy for the kids to make. Mine have done several with me. I start mine with a glue gun at the bottom(a Mom's job), then I use modge podge; painting the can while I'm wrapping, about an inch around at a time. I end the jute with a little more hot glue when I hit the top.
Do you have any upcycle ideas you'll be using for Christmas?

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jennwa said...

I love that. That is something my kids and I would lik to make. Thanks for sharing.