Monday, August 24, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

This is new for me, but I think I will enjoy trying. We'll see. if you'd like to read others, stop by The Simple Woman's Daybook Blog.

Here is mine:
FOR TODAY -2009-08-24...
Outside my window... It's raining. I LOVE rain. I wish I could play in it today.

I am thinking...that summer break ended too quickly, that I miss my big girls when they are at school.

I am thankful for...that I have them to take to school each day and that I still have another year at home with Cali.

From the learning rooms...Cali is ready to start our own 'home' school preschool. I think it will be fun!

From the kitchen...I made quiche' for the girls to take in their school lunches per special request.

I am wearing...glitter toes. We all did it together to celebrate the beginning of school.

I am creating...last night I made first day of school survival kits for the girls, just for fun. I hope they like them.

I am going... to finally clean out the fish tank today.

I am reading...on the internet, like I usually do.

I am hoping...that the girls have a glorious first day of school and I hope they miss me too!

I am hearing...Cali, missing her big sisters.

Around the's more quiet than usual.

One of my favorite hearing Cali make plans for us. There are big project plans in her future, so she says.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'd like to finish my daily preschool plans for Cali and stick to it. I think she needs some schooling of her own everyday. A bright mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...Getting ready to leave for school

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Jerralea said...

How interesting that your girls want quiche in their school lunch! Do they eat them cold?