Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Days of School

Like everyone else in the country, we've begun the 09/10 school year. I really wasn't ready for it this year. Of course, I say that every year. Cori really wasn't all that excited either but Cassi sure was. In her own words, "I am ready to wear all my new clothes and visit with friends I haven't seen all summer!" Cori saw her time at the beach and creating villages with her own government in the back yard slipping away and wanted no part of it.

Cori is starting her last year of elementary school. In truth, she could have gone to middle school but I sincerely believe she relishes in all the music and art she is a part of in the charter school so I thought it was the best place for her. She was so torn between wanting to attend the middle school and staying at the elementary school that in the end we made it easy for her and told her we'd be making the choice.

I'm glad we did. I know I'm hanging on a little bit but I'm OK with it. My girls are growing so fast. If I can slow them down just a little, I'll take it.

I can see their growth. Especially Cori's. It's in the way she speaks to me and the way she carries herself. Most of the time she is very self-assured. I am sure she has moments when she lacks confidence but so far, she seems to be doing well. I keep a keen eye on what I sense though. I hope that helps us navigate the potential trying times of teenage-dom.

All of the girls got new school clothes although Cali not too many since she still has so many cute clothes that the older girls passed down. I only kept the best of them and really all I have to do is pull up a box from the crawl space to make her happy!

I didn't care for either of the big girls' first day of school outfits although Cassi really couldn't be to blame since I picked hers out. I just didn't end up liking the way it fit her.

Cori picked hers out with Amber. I wasn't exactly impressed but after going through every scenario she was still sure about wearing it so, doing my best to let her make her own way through the steps of life, I let her wear it.

Today, I was a bit more pleased. She looked like what I thought she should. A typical American almost-teen-aged girl.

Cassi bought a pair of simple young girls heels this year. And she put together her own outfit again today. I thought she did pretty well. She said to me this morning " I feel so professional." I almost think she looked it too! I'm anxious to see if she is still wearing the heels at the end of the day. :)

Cori has officially turned into a shoe nut! I would admit however she got it honest. I am a bit of a shoe lover too and my mother is also. I remember the days of my childhood with my mother looking all over the house for a particular pair of shoes she needed for that day.

I only cried once on the first day of school. I know, really at 5th and 6th grade who should be crying but I did. I made both of them school survival kits with silly things in it like a sponge-to soak it all in and a rubber band-to stretch your mind this year. I also included a few candies, like a lollipop-to help you lick obstacles that you face this year and a tootsie roll-to remind you to roll with the punches. The girls LOVED them and giggled all the way to school. Cori looked at me as we were pulling in the parking lot and said "Thanks Mom, these are great!- I love you." And that is when I teared up.

You see, I remember my pre-teens and teenage years. I didn't share much. I could tell you stories now but I really remember feeling quite alone. I didn't realize that it was likely that every other girl I knew was struggling with all the same things I was. And although I would tell you that I love my Mom more than life and did then too. I would also tell you communication wasn't our strongest point. At least not then.

So, I hope I can keep a little more of that insecurity at bay for my girls by working hard at communicating better with them. And making them giggle with things like survival kits makes me think I'm doing it. I'm still managing to do fun things that keeps them loving me, me loving them and all of us enjoying our time together. And when you have happy times together, you keep talking. That's what it's all about right?

Now, let's hope they have lots to tell me after school!

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Crunchy Christian Mom said...

How blessed your girls are to have you as their mom! LOVE the school survival kit ideas!